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In the absence of Stack having an easy way to add and manage non-League(Friendly) games, we have created the below Google Sheet to collect the game information. We will then be importing these games to the SCD Game Schedule for the current season. You will see the games in Collaborative Schduling. There is currently no way to identify the League vs Non-League games easily. As such we will post each season the range of Game-Id's that are League Games. Any game after that range IS a non-League game.

The FALL 2019 League Game Range Is: 6891133 - 6892787

Each Team/Club is highly encouraged to add all Friendly Games. Please coordinate with the opposing team to see who will add the game to avoid duplicates. Home Team typically adds the game but you, as a visiting team, can add any game and let the other side know.

Purpose, How To Use, When Imported & When You See Games, ....

Purpose: This form is to provide a vehicle for clubs to request a game be added to the SCD League Collaborative Schedule.

How To Use: You must answer four questions: 1) Gender 2) Date 3) Home Team 4) Away Team

When Will The Game Be Imported: Your entry will be imported by the Web Admin, or other designee, once a day or more often as time permits

When Will I See The Game On Team Connect: After Import, anyone in your club that has access to Collaborative Scheduling will see the game and can assign the time and Location. Once a Location is assigned the Game is Visible in Team Connect.

Can I use this form to change games = No
Can I use this form to delete games = No