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  • SCD Fall - Team Names

    Posted August 16, 2018
    Hello SCD,
    In review of teams entered into the SCD League so far, MANY teams are named poorly. Please adjust them in YOUR CLUB SYSTEM. When we look at a bracket and see U12 Girls three times and 2017 Girls in the same bracket, it is tough to know who is who on our side and when the games are set nobody will know who is playing who. Please read the below and provide to whomever in your club is adding teams. 
    Per the instructions provided in the past season and this season:
    YOU ARE ENTERING THE TEAM IN THE LEAGUE SYSTEM NOW! We will not be creating the team in the future.
    1. Team Names Below
      1. The Team Name MUST Start with your Town Name. Not a Club Abbreviation. You can than add a unique name if you like after that.
      2. We strongly recommend you add in the gender and age group so that when emails and texts come in folks know what the team is. Boys 19, B19 Girls 10, G10 are all examples of good naming. Be creative if you like but please be clear. 
      3. Good Names: Branford Crush Boys 19, Branford Crush B19, East Haven Slam Girls14, East Haven Slam G14, North Haven Redds B10
      4. Bad Names: SCOG Green, NH Killers
    Joe Guerra
    CJSA South Central District (SCD) Web Admin
  • SCD Fall - League Entry Ends Aug 17

    Posted August 14, 2018
    Hello SCD,
    If you need assistance you must reach out now! New requests for assistance may not be able to be accomodated while we complete requests that have been in the works for a month or more. 
    Work on the Schedules WILL BEGIN IMMEDIATELY
    Please let your coaches and other club management that ANY AND ALL schedules or notifications they receive regarding games added and deleted etc... ARE NOT VALID until a notification is sent stating they are valid. We are all working in a new system and as we do so we are not sure what all the teams see and when. We will be creating, reviewing and deleting games so NOTHING is valid until the Girls and Boys Commissioner allow us to announce it. You need to pass this on to relevant people. I will be letting ALL my town teams know this and will be including parents and players in my local announcement.
  • SCD Fall - SCD Scheduling Meeting

    Posted August 11, 2018

    Hello SCD,

    The below is the Schedule for the SCD Fall 2018 Scheduling Meetitng as provided to me for dissemination. Please let all your coaches know since this did not go to them.

    Scheduling Meeting is August 26th at the North Haven Best Western. TC:Travel Comp, TR:Travel Rec

    8:00 - 9:00: SCD Setup

    9:00 - 9:45: Boys - 09U, 10U

    10:00 - 10:45: Boys - 11U TC, 12U TC, 12U TR

    11:00 - 11:30: Boys - 13U TC, 14U TC, 15U TC, 15U TR

    11:45 - 12:30: Girls - 09U, 10U

    12:45 - 1:30: Girls - 11U TC, 12U TC, 12U TR

    1:45 - 2:15: Girls - 13U TC, 14U TC, 15U TC, 15U TR

    Thanks for your time. If you have questions please email

    David Rodriguez <>

    Bill Cadwell <>

    Vicki Thomas <>

    Patrick Duffy <>

    Joe Guerra <>

  • 2018 Fall - League Registration Followup

    Posted August 6, 2018
    Hello SCD,
    There have been some questions coming to the SCD board and we are sending this to make sure all are on the same page. The SCD has been pretty clear at each meeting this year regarding the minimums required by clubs.
    1. Clubs do not have to change their existing websites and can use their existing
    2. Clubs do not have to switch to Stack to create registrations to bill and collect money and can still use their existing websites
    3. CJSA/SCD will no longer be using the "old" CJSA registration system to: verify players, verify team, issue rosters, issue player passes.
    4. CJSA/SCD will be using Stack for league entry of teams, rosters, passes, player verification
    5. CJSA has decided recently that they will allow districts and clubs to use th "old" CJSA registration system to: verify players, verify team, issue rosters, issue player passes. 
      2. The SCD is NOT staying on League Athletics this season. 
      3. You need to have teams Activated and Enter the SCD League from stack and NOT the old League Athletic system. Minimum team required see below.
    Some other details
    1. Full Use Stack:
      1. Most clubs we see are fully in Stack with active websites, registration events, team formation, etc...
    2. Minimum Use Stack: 
      1. Some clubs are remaining on there existing systems, have used existing system to register, collect fees, form teams, etc.... 
      2. They also created a simple event in Stack that has no fees so that mom and/or dad can register the player in the appropriate Category
      3. Teams are then formed in seconds 
      4. Team Activation is a button
      5. League Entry is a Button and Form
      6. Rosters and Passes will be provided from Stack
    3. I have heard that some clubs heard they could use the old system as it was. That is fine but you still need to enter the SCD League and that has some minimum requirements
      1. You need an active team to enter the League and we can schedule the games.
      2. You will need to create your teams in Stack. Takes a minute or two to a dozen teams.
      3. You will need to add one coach and three players. This is a CJSA setting that can be changed but I am not sure they will. 
      4. To add the coach and players they need to be in Stack and have an active registration. 
      5. If you add these minimums and also use the "old" system, you will be billed from both systems. CJSA will need to give a credit/adjustment to make you whole.
    4. Please note that to Activate a Team you need ONE Coach and THREE Players only and can then enter the League. This is a CJSA setting and NOT in the SCD Control. You can then add players and coaches later. 
    5. HELP is available from the District. Please reply to this email and add Dave R for awareness that you need help. Items we can help with are:
      1. Website conversion
      2. Registration Event Creation
      3. Team Creation, Activation, League Entry
    Thanks for your time. If you have questions please email
    • David Rodriguez <>
    • Bill Cadwell <>
    • Vicki Thomas <>
    • Patrick Duffy <>
    • Joe Guerra <>
  • Stack Sports Photo and Birth Record Sizes

    Posted August 1, 2018

    Advisory: Player/Coach Photos & Birth Records

    Player and Coach Photo Uploads: The recommended file size is 150px by 200 px. The recommended file type is png, jpg or jpeg. 

    Birth Record Uploads: The recommended file type is PDF(but other formats may work).

  • 2018 Fall - League Team Registration

    Posted July 30, 2018

    2018 Fall SCD League Registration is now open. Please have one person in your club register all teams in the SCD League as soon as possible. Clubs will enter teams into the SCD League from club admin systems and not the SCD website. A video showing the steps has been posted to the SCD website here: . From your club admin systeem click on your team, click "Request Team Activation" and then once the team is activated click "Register for a League or Tournament" you will be able to enter "SCD 2018 Fall League". As in the past, please have one responsible party in your club enter the teams and fill out the form. Registration will close at midnight the evening of August 18th. Any questions about the League please contact Bill Cadwell Boys Commissioner or Vicki Thomas Girls Commissioner. Any issues with the process please contact Joe Guerra Web Tech.

  • 2018 Fall - SCD Player Clearing House

    Posted July 30, 2018

    2018 Fall SCD Player Clearing House is now open! As discussed since last December at the SCD meetings, we are now ready to open the Player Clearing House. All information regarding this can be found here: . This has been created and tested but may have some issues so please be patient and let Joe Guerra ( know of any issues in functionality. Please read all the information that is provided on the page/form. This is to be used for players needing a team and Teams needing players. You MUST keep the confirmation email you receive so you can edit your entry for your club. There should only be ONE entry per club and updated as you go. If you lose the email with the link, we cannot provide it again. The SCD Player Clearing House(PCH) can be found here:

  • 2018 Fall - SCD Season Details

    Posted July 25, 2018
    SCD League Important Dates
    1) Scheduling meeting: August 26th at the North Haven Best Western.
    2) Season Starts September 7th
    3) Season Ends November 11th
How To Activate Team, Enter SCD League, Maintain Roster
How To Setup A Registration In The New Stack System