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2020 Spring SCD League
2019-2020 Team | South Central District | Connecticut

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Start Date: 04/10/2020

End Date: 06/14/2020


Please Contact The Following As Needed

  • Bill Cadwell
    Boys Commissioner
  • Vicki Thomas
    Girls Commissioner
  • Approved Teams
  • Pending Teams
Team Name Age Gender Coach Email
Team Name Age Gender Coach Email
Hamden Comp U11 Girls U-11 Comp Female Eric Annes
Hamden Rec U10 Girls Dev U-10 Dev Female
Hamden Rec U12 Boys U-11-12 Travel Rec Male Jason Ruocco
Hamden Rec U12 Girls U-13-14 Travel Rec Female Tricia Iaquinto
Hamden Rec U14 /15 Boys U-14-15 Travel Rec Male Alfred Scheetz
Hamden Rec U14/15 Girls U-14-15 Travel Rec Female Alfred Scheetz
Hamden U11 Comp Alexander U-11 Comp Male Akil Alexander
Hamden U12 Comp Barney/Nolan U-12 Comp Female Brian Nolan
Hamden U12 Comp Talwalkar U-12 Comp Male Jaideep Talwalkar
Hamden U13 Comp GOLD U-13 Comp Male Mickey Brunton
Hamden U13 Comp Green U-13 Comp Male Anthony Valenti
Hamden U14/13 Bryers U-13 Comp Female Bonnie Bryers
SCP Elm City Wolves U-11-12 Travel Rec Male Michael Moore
U11B Naugatuck Warriors U-11 Comp Male Jaime Pereira
U12B Naugatuck Nitros U-12 Comp Male Craig Andrews
U15/14 Boys Comp Team U-15 Comp Male
U18 Girls HS Rec Team U-19 Comp Female
West Haven Gilmore G14 U-14 Comp Female Kevin Gilmore
West Haven Murphy G11 U-12 Comp Female Nick Murphy
West Haven Petrie B14 U-14 Comp Male Matt Petrie
West Haven Petrie G10 U-10 Dev Female Matt Petrie
West Haven Petrie G9 U-09 Dev Female Matt Petrie
West Haven Reed G14 U-13-14 Travel Rec Female Scott Reed
West Haven Tepetl B10 U-10 Dev Male Marto Tepetl-Ocotoxtle
West Haven Treat B12 U-12 Comp Male Chris Treat
West Haven Wajnowski B11 U-11-12 Travel Rec Male Breanna Wajnowski