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CJSA South Central District League

CJSA South Central District League

SCD League Brackets Etc...

The Always Current And Up To Date South Central District Public Facing Information Page Can Be Found By Clicking Below:
SCD 2020 Fall District League Home 

The following TEAM information can be found on these pages: 

  • Brackets: By Boys and Girls, the current Brackets can be found - NOTHING IS FINAL UNTIL SCD League Admins email and say it is final
  • Schedules: The SCD League will generate the pairings only. During the scheduling meeting and throughout the season the Home Clubs/Teams will adjust according to the mutual team agreement. No Schedules will show until a game has a Date, Time and Field. 
  • Results: After a game is played, the results will be here. 
  • Standings: for appropriate age groups will show here
  • Statistics: for appropriate age groups will show here
  • As well as: Venue Info, Field Closure and Club Summary

The following are links to all the teams registered and accepted into the League.

These documents are NOT always up to date but are an aide for you in finding your teams. You will see the all the teams in all the brackets. You can see the Club/Team selection of Preferred Flight to Assigned Flight. Contained in these reports are: SCD League By Brackets, SCD League By Club, Team Contacts, Tournament Applications

SCD 2020 Fall Flights - Google Sheet
SCD 2020 Fall Flights - PDF


CJSA SCD League - Club Scheduling Instructions

Club Scheduling Instructions

Please Click Here For The CJSA SCD League - Club Scheduling Instructions
Contained in the Document: 

  1. Use this Website
  2. Setup Club Admins 
    1. Administrator from a club must log into the US Soccer Connect - CJSA State Platform
    2. Navigate to Users
    3. Setup your User
  3. League Registrars Will Assign Initial Date, Time & Field
    1. Club’s League Registrar Login
    2. Club’s League Registrar Enters The Initial or Subsequent Schedule
  4. Team Admins(Coaches, Asst Coaches, Managers)
    1. Team Admin - My Account
    2. Team Admin - Scheduled Games
    3. Team Admin - Game Reschedule

CJSA SCD League - Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

 As Background:
Q01: I do not see my club's fields. Where are they? Where do I put my games?
  • Use SCD TBD fields for now if you do not see your club fields. 
  • (as of 08/25/2020) Last week 24 of the 26 SCD League clubs provided me with their fields. One Premier, playing for the future provided as well. 
  • The process to add the fields is 100% manual as previously stated. The process to key in 131 Venues and 272 Fields is underway since Friday after hours. We are 77% done with the keying effort. 
  • After that then there are several more steps to follow.
  • Expected to have fields by close of business tomorrow
  • When your fields then are ready, I will send a mass email again. 
Q02: Can the Date, Time and Field be changed later?
  • Yes to all three
Q03: After the initial assignment of Date, Time and Field by those designated by the club, who can change the Date, Time and Field?
Q04: I am putting my games on the SCD TBD Fields and it seems to be blocking fields as double booked. What do I do? 
  • I misunderstood the information I received from Stack. Fields designated as TBD do indeed check field availability. I thought it did not. At this time the club fields should now be available so please use them. Some did figure out they could enter games by varying the time slightly. 
Q05: Why can't I change the game on the Master Scheduling page like I did earlier?
  • This is an open question to Stack at this time but I wanted to get this out to SCD Clubs. 
  • I suspect that once the Game Re-Schedule process is used on a game, only limited information can be changed as the teams are now working collaboratively. 


The South Central District 2020 Fall Tournament Page Can Be Found By Clicking Here 

On that page you will find all the Brackets, Schedule & Results, and Standings


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